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Collection: AM Astronomy

20.1 x 53.1 x 17.7 in Reg. $105.00 (CAD)
 now: $94.60 (CAD) 

Solar System Mobile, Planets Mobile, Hand applied paper gores
Solar System and Planets Mobile
AM Astronomy Collection

Length 20.1 x Width 53.1 x Height 17.7 inch
Length 51.1 x Width 134.9 x Height 45 cm

  • Spin the Solar System Mobile and watch each of the planets rotate around the sun
  • Stainless steel rod - The map on each planet is hand-applied, using traditional globe-making techniques - Detailed artwork of each planets surface
  • Detailed planets replicate orbit paths
  • This model will provide a lot of enjoyment to anyone with a fascination for the Solar System, planetary models or outer space in general
  • Educational and decorative - This model of the Solar System will make you discover relative positioning of the planets orbiting our sun - Sun and 9 planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which is not a planet anymore but is still included in the mobile


    Gazing in the night sky we wonder about the size and scope of the universe. Within that magnitude our solar system seems infinite and overwhelming. It's easier to understand native creation myths, Newtonian and Galilean theories, and great historical discoveries when viewing the solar system on a smaller, more comprehensible human scale. Reduced to both scientific and decorative models of our planetary system, revolving around the sun and not the earth as early scientists believed, this mobile will fascinate the young in age and youthful in heart.
    MuseoDeco - Solar System Mobile, Planets Mobile, Hand applied paper gores - Solar System and Planets Mobile - AM Astronomy (AMGL061)
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