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Collection: AM Cartography

10.75 x 10.75 x 5.5 in Reg. $69.00 (CAD)
 now: $60.25 (CAD) 

Trianon World Globe on Stand
Antique World Globe, Table Terrestrial Globe on Stand
AM Cartography Collection

Diameter 10.75 x Height 5.5 inch
Diameter 27.5 x Height 14 cm

  • Classic, completely authentic, and still contemporary with its minimalist color palette - Made using original charts, researched for historical accuracy and visual appeal
  • Rosewood hand-finished base, polished and distressed - Solid bronze parts - Complicated gravure process results in the sharpest lines, words and symbols - Globe is made by gluing paper gores on the core, like the original
  • Attention to detail
  • Authentic reproduction - History at your fingertips…
  • Note: the globe's map is historical and does not represent today's world map


    Admittedly, Marie Antoinette wasn't remembered for her intellectual exploits. But during her time France sent expeditions around the globe. Scientists and explorers mapped landmasses and oceans, and recorded local flora and fauna. Undoubtedly a globe of some kind, probably similar to our Trianon, adorned, or perhaps dominated her library!
    MuseoDeco - Trianon World Globe on Stand - Antique World Globe, Table Terrestrial Globe on Stand - AM Cartography (AMGL045)

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    MuseoDeco $1000 Gift Certificate
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