Museum Cabinet of Curiosities by Authentic Models

What is a Cabinet of Curiosities?
Cabinets of Curiosities were collections of natural history artifacts kept by many early practitioners of science, and were precursors to natural history museums. MuseoDeco offers you an eclectic selection of gifts and home décor items that challenge the mind as well as the eye.

The Museum Cabinet of Curiosities Collection or the preservation of Beauty. Covet. Cherish. You've always wanted your own personal museum. Live a fantasy, collecting objects of imagination. You have always envied Renaissance princes filling Kunstkammers with exotic shells, models, weird and interesting gourds, horns and trophies collected in distant, newly discovered lands. For the aesthetic and curious of mind... A pleasing amalgam of the natural, the scientific, and the world of craft and expertise.

Apothecary Pots and Tobacco Jars

Architectural Models

Botanical Flower Models

Collectible Games

Wall Maps Scrolls Giclees and Portfolios: Paris, New York, Rome, Amsterdam and more

Chinese Bi Ming Disks: Jasper and Petrified Coral

Modern Art Museum Decorative Mobiles

Natural Beauties

Silver Series: Hand-Polished Aluminum Decorative Objects

Sky Hooks Balance Toys

Writing Collection: to write with style

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