Flight, Aviation Decor and Accessories by Authentic Models

At one time flight was all about wood and canvas, and even bamboo. A local cabinetmaker busy with the fuselage, a cane weaver making a cockpit fauteuil. Flight was accomplished with basically one handle to pull and a couple of gauges to check. No GPS yet. Visual sighting by identifying roads and churches. Dating back to a time when pioneers conquered the air.

Vintage flight. Imagine early flight as fabric stretched bamboo frames with an engine bolted on and a rattan garden chair as pilot seat. Taking to the air. Hmmm... Moving on to wobbly biplanes with a penchant for nose landings. Then, the introduction of air travel, mail and passengers flown from airport to airport. Then suddenly in the 1920s and 30s a voyage from Amsterdam to Jakarta now possible in days, instead of months. Enjoy a fascinating, exemplary collection of exquisite models and artifacts of early flight. Meticously executed, wonderfully detailed mementos from a bygone age.

Balloons & Montgolfiers

Desktop Flight and Aviation Decor

Airplane Models

Airplane Propellers, Wall Decor

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